I fell into my current profession at a young age by default, not knowing what I wanted, and to be honest, too afraid to look in the direction of that “something” to see what potential lay there. Reflecting back, I perceived if I followed the rabbit hole, I would be opening up Pandora’s box, feeling vulnerability, possible failure, and paralyzing humiliation, risking exposing what I feared most, that “I am not good enough.”


In moments of feeling that my greatest potential had not yet been realized, the all too clever voice inside my head would pop up right on cue, convincing me that living the status quo was safe and easy. As I write, this hits home, there is nothing safe and easy about living a life that is not aligned with my values. I reveal these thoughts not for pity or positive words of support, but rather to normalize these kinds of thoughts. I am not broken, there is nothing wrong with me, I am human! I have come to realize that I have a choice and my fears do not have to create an insurmountable wall that prevents me from reaching my greatest potential.


My intention of sharing this with you is to inspire you to be honest and vulnerable with yourself and question if you are living the life you truly want. Do you have “something” nagging at you, that you have ignored for one reason or another? Have you ever experienced a voice that said “ but what if...?”, or having felt the question, received the overall message that it’s just not possible or practical? I ask you now, what is the cost to you to ignore the dream that lights you up anytime you allow your mind to imagine what “IT” would be like? No dream is too big or small to follow, maybe it’s uprooting your life to live and work overseas or maybe it’s simply wanting to create more balance.


I am here to tell you that anything is possible if you choose it. It’s never too late, you are not too old or too young, you have magnificence inside you that deserves to be realized. I long for you to feel what I have discovered. Life is too short and precious to not follow what your heart wants in any capacity. Join me in grabbing your fear’s hand, jumping off the cliff to feel how fulfilling and alive life can be, embracing the challenges and successes, as we fall into that deep, flowing, ever-changing sea that is life.

"Within every desire is the mechanics of its fullfilment"

- Deepak Chopra